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Two Kids and Me

May 31, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

I love my kids – aged 15 months and 4 years.  And they love each other.  The challenge is that recently they both want me  – at the same time – all the time.  I’m very pleased to be in demand but its makes takes a bio break, writing this post or making coffee all the more challenging.  The sibling rivalry recently got more intense – now when one wants me to pick him up – then other wants me to hold her too.   If my daughter is sitting in my lap my son has now decided he needs to get a piece of action too.    My daughter recently complained that I only have time for the baby – I felt bad – but I had just spent hours at the park with her along so not sure I really got it either.  Oh well, again, nice to be in demand.

Most times I find this extra attention amusing but sometimes I just need a break.  Long live the Saturday afternoon escape to get a pedicure!   I’m doing my best to find activities that both like – and my daughter sure does love helping me take care of her little brother.  On Memorial Day we took out the double wide stroller and ran to the local parade – it was a blast.  I got my exercise and the kids enjoyed the firetrucks, marching bands and free candy too.     My husband stayed home to install our new swing set – thank goodness they each now have their own favorite swing and I’ve already perfected the art of pushing them both at the same time. 

We’re working on sharing and doing things as a family – hopefully it is paying off – to teach the kids that they can each have me (and my husband) without losing out when the other has that special time. 

How do you you teach your kids to share (you)?