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Mother’s Day is Everyday

May 12, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today we celebrate being a Mom. It is a very special day…breakfast in bed for some, brunch out for others..presents, guests, special outings and the like.

I was delighted with the special crafts and plants my little kids made and grew for me at their school. Today, they woke me up with a special card and their smiles were enough to make my heart melt. All week my daughter and my son kept reminding me of my special day…obvious that they both were looking forward to it as much as I was.

The last two weeks have presented a serious challenge for my own Mom, who lives in another state. With short notice, I found out that she has cancer and while I’m not going to write about the details here, her condition was a shock to us all. She is a fighter, and I’m glad I spent time with her over the past few weeks. I will continue to visit her often as she will continue to get the care she needs and as her only daughter I want to make sure I’m there to help as much as I can. Forty something years ago I was making crafts for my Mom on Mother’s Day, now I’m ready to make breakfast, serve up pain medication, clean house or do whatever it takes!

What is going on with my own Mom does not take away from the smiles and laughs I plan to have and am having with my own kids today. I’ll call my Mother-in-Law who lives overseas and enjoy some great conversation and laughs with her too. However, what has happened in the last two weeks reminds me – of what I always knew but sometimes forget – Mother’s Day is not just a once a year occurrence – it really is a philosophy of life.

Today – and everyday – I plan to celebrate being a Mom, celebrate the Moms in my life and of course celebrate my own Mom. Life has a funny way of teaching us that a special day can’t just be a once and done yearly occurrence.

All that said, enjoy the day! My special homemade brunch just arrived…I’m ready to do just that.