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Three generations of summer fun

August 19, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

This week my Mother is visiting our family from New York. She was supposed to come in the winter months, but the trip got cancelled due to inclement weather. Now she is here and we are enjoying the fun of summer showing my Mom the enjoyment of summer in our new town of residence, a smaller town in the suburbs of Chicago.

We have enjoyed the zoo, family day at the Race Track. the local swimming pool, pony rides, the Block Party, the Food Festival in the quaint downtown and so many other things. We have strolled the neighborhood, taken bike rides, walked aorund the local lake, indulged in one too many ice creams and checked out favorite books and movies at the library.

The time has been a great chance for my Mom to bond a bit more with her two Grandchildren, ages 4 and 17 months, who she doesn’t see her typically more than 3 times a year. The kids have loved extra Grandma time and the great stories and treats she brings. What I have most enjoyed is remembering my summer fun as a child, now through the shoes of my own children and the stories of my Mother. Together, my Mom and I are remembering summer trips we took the zoo, park or swimming pool when I was a kid, laughing at the fun my brother and I had running at the park, just like my own kids now are enjoying. I am also discovering books that my Mom read to me or fun games we used play, again through my Mom’s stories.

Summer is fun for many reasons but summer fun shared across the generations is even better.

What are you doing to have fun across the generations this summer?