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Steve Jobs, an innovation hero

November 20, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

The evening I found out Steve Jobs passed away on October 5th I was running about my home trying to locate my IPhone which I can’t seem to do without. My four year was playing a game on my husband’s IPad and I was listening to ITunes on my IPod (which replaced the stereo in my living room years ago). My husband was surfing the web – yes on his Mac.

Apple is clearly one brand and company that has changed my life, and I know I am not alone.

Upon hearing the breaking news, I was stunned and saddened. We have lost a formidable national hero and a global innovator. Some people, recalling the impact that Steve had on their lives, have left flowers and apples at neighborhood Apple Stores. Others have turned to Walter Isaacson’s recounting of Job’s life, and still many more have simply bought a song on iTunes, downloaded an App on their IPad or have talked about his passing on all forms of social media imaginable.

My favorite social post was from a friend, forty years old like me, who facebooked a retro picture of herself as a kid with her Apple Computer. Wow, that brought back memories – Apple was the first computer I ever touched when I was a child. Today Apple continues to enchant me with their designs and technologies. Job’s legacy is everywhere around me – some might even call it the IWorld.

Jobs didn’t just lead the team that brought the above gadgets into existence — he was also a visionary of the computer-navigating mouse and touch-screen, the personal computer, legally downloadable music, and cloud computing. Through Pixar we thank him to infinity and beyond for the Toy Story movies.

Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs. You will be missed.

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