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Steve Jobs, an innovation hero

The evening I found out Steve Jobs passed away on October 5th I was running about my home trying to locate my IPhone which I can’t seem to do without. My four year was playing a game on my husband’s IPad and I was listening to ITunes on my IPod (which replaced the stereo in my living room years ago). My husband was surfing the web – yes on his Mac. Apple is clearly one brand... [Read more]

Discovering Bike Trails With the Kids

We moved into our new home last November, so this summer was full of discoveries. Besides being introduced to many new places to eat or visit during date night, I discovered some great bike trails near our house. Just minutes away from our new home we found the trails of the Cook County Forest Preserve and they’re amazing. Along these local nature paths my family found terrific views, lovely single-track... [Read more]

Early to Rise and Run – the Only Option

Morning runs are the only option for me if I want to exercise. By the number of joggers, walkers, and rollerbladers I see each day in the early morning light, I know I’m not the only one facing the same predicament. Of course, while still in bed, I feel the pull of the desire to get in a few more winks of sleep. It’s a powerful pull, but what motivates me to push past it is the clear-eyed knowledge,... [Read more]

The End of Summer, Bummer!

It seems it was only a few weeks ago that I was feeling a bit short on summer clothes, but it’s already time to think about my long sleeves again! Labor Day, the symbolic end to the summer, has come and gone. Every year, saying sayonara to the warm weather makes me wistful because I live in the Midwest, where it gets super cold as early as October. It’s inevitable for such climatic conditions to... [Read more]

The End of the Space Shuttle: T-Minus Imagination for Children?

There’s nothing like rockets and space voyages to capture the imagination of children. Sadly, those voyages will become rarer in the near future. In July we witnessed the end of the Space Shuttle program at NASA. Officially introduced by Richard Nixon in 1972, the space fleet’s maiden trip to space didn’t happen until 1981. Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour were the five... [Read more]

Baseball, a Season of Memories for Any Parent

Each year, baseball season offers a ton of opportunities to create lasting memories of childhood, and that’s something that any Cubs or White Sox fan can agree on. Taking my kids to a game provides the perfect circumstances for a true bonding experience. As the 2011 season falls fast into its last stretch, it’s the perfect moment to open up room in the family’s busy schedule to get in some quality... [Read more]

Remembering September 11th

September 11, 2011. Ten years later. Like so many I will never forget the day my world changed – the senseless loss of so many lives, the fear that ensued and the long term implications of an event that though it occurred a decade ago, in many ways seems like yesterday. Since September 11th, I have moved back from living overseas with my husband, had two wonderful children, now four and 18... [Read more]

Three generations of summer fun

This week my Mother is visiting our family from New York. She was supposed to come in the winter months, but the trip got cancelled due to inclement weather. Now she is here and we are enjoying the fun of summer showing my Mom the enjoyment of summer in our new town of residence, a smaller town in the suburbs of Chicago. We have enjoyed the zoo, family day at the Race Track. the local swimming pool,... [Read more]

Why Didn’t My Daughter Just Ask Me in High School?

My four year is every day more intrigued by what is going on in the world. Her questions are cute, frequent and at times – simply just stumping. Many of her questions would have been easy to answer when I was in high school but now answers to questions about Earth Science, Biology and Geography don’t always come easy to me anymore. It is almost as if my brain has been flooded by new... [Read more]

A Mother’s Grief

On Friday, after a long week of work and happiness of having accomplished a ton, I received a Gmail that the Shedd Aquarium’s beloved newborn dolphin had passed. The Shedd is one of my most favorite places on Earth and days before I has shared the birth of Tique’s offspring on my mobile phone with my own daughter, age four. We saw the video of how Tique, who had lost a previous baby... [Read more]

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