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A Mother’s Grief

June 16, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

On Friday, after a long week of work and happiness of having accomplished a ton, I received a Gmail that the Shedd Aquarium’s beloved newborn dolphin had passed. The Shedd is one of my most favorite places on Earth and days before I has shared the birth of Tique’s offspring on my mobile phone with my own daughter, age four. We saw the video of how Tique, who had lost a previous baby dolphin, gave birth and instinctively brought the calf to the surface to breathe. What a beautiful, life-giving moment. And one proud dolphin Mom.

Upon further inquiry, I was very saddened to learn how that in the past years the only four offspring of Pacific Northwest Dolphins at the Shedd did not survive (due to either being stillborn or failing to thrive due to difficulty with nursing).

I’m not sure what is the root cause of this most recent tragic loss (unfortunately the calf failed to nurse effectively) but I do know one thing for sure, I can empathize with one Mother’s agony. Some may minimize this by saying Tique is just an animal but I will simply say, “sorry Tique – I feel your pain.”

And I will also say: please know that Shedd fans, and many Moms (and Dads) everywhere are routing for you. We saw in that first video a Mother’s love and that’s what matters. My kids and I are coming back to visit you soon – but in the mean time I’m going to curl up, be proud and appreciate my children as I know you have appreciated (and been proud) of yours.

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